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Interview: Charles Hugh Smith - April 2024

Interview: Charles Hugh Smith - April 2024

On The Value of 30 Friends vs 30 Bunkers, Advice for Going Grey, Doom Loops, Surrender vs Local Averaging, Finding Authenticity in Life and more.

This is my second interview with the writer

For a deep dive into Charle’s past, bio, writing etc I recommend you take a listen to the October 2023 interview with Charles Hugh Smith.

For those familiar with his writing on self reliance, agency, ownership, authenticity and autonomy I hope you find this interview fruitful.

We explore Charles's recent perspectives on various topics: from the contrasting merits of cultivating 30 friendships versus building 30 bunkers, his advice on _going grey_. We delve into his astute analysis of the potential doom loops facing cities and perhaps the broader Western world, navigating censorship within a narrative-controlled environment, the dynamics of small, close-knit vs large open societies, his motivation for also writing fiction, and his ultimate message of uncovering authenticity in life.

Thanks for being here.

Time Stamps

01:15: On a 30 person network vs a 30 room bunker
15:14: On The Doom Loop of Cities
22:15 On Global Capital / Mobility / Civic Engagement
28:48 On Migration / “Voting with your feet”
31:50 Self Sufficiency vs Self Reliance
36:52 On Going Grey
40:25 On Being Anonymous / Surveillance Economy
49:09 On Being Shadow Banned
55:53 Post Truth
65:12 Tight and Loose Cultures Spectrum
73:53 On Writing Fiction
80:52 Finding Authenticity in Life


Twitter/X: @chsm1th

Web: OfTwoMinds.com


Music Intro Sample: Accurst by Acediast

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